Type: Competition
Location: Hangzhou, China
Date: 2011.8 -2011.9
Status: Second Honored Prize

The site requires the comprehension of the multiple contexts created by the historical evolution of the city, with an intensive land use and the creation of a sequence of engaging public spaces. The renovation project will create a world class railway station with MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS, DIVERSE PUBLIC SPACES AND LANDSCAPES. 

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Garden and Departure entrance would co-exist vertically

Garden and Departure entrance would co-exist vertically

The site is located west to the lakeside Tourist and Commercial Zone, and east to the New CBD of Qiangtang Jiang.iThe station interrupts the east-west traffic of the city and is currently negative to the connection of the old downtown and the new area.The proposed scheme bridge the connection between the downtown part and new area, Stimulating the development of promising district.

                                                                            Bird's eye overview of The Station

                                                                            Bird's eye overview of The Station

It will reinforce Hangzhou's "be refined, harmonious and more open to the outside world" identity by demonstrating consistency with the urban landscape as A NEW LANDMARK for the city renewal


The 20m high vertical gap between this public space and the station hall is dramatically overlapped by different levels of infrastructural bridges that intensifiy the spatiality of the plaza.

                                                         Plan drawings within site context

The central plaza, excavated under the train tracks, slopes gently from both sides of the city to create a new set of conditions for a vibrant urban public with accesses to all transportation modes, shopping, markets, leisure and srvices. 

3D interactive model