Type: Competition
Date: 2011.4
Location: Singapore
Status: Awarded
Partner: Chengyuan Wei

Netopee takes its name and its formal basis from the topee ®C a lightweight helmet-shaped hat. Netopee varies from this traditional hat form, however, by way of its ability to be transformed into a functional basket. This is made possible by a wide brim of flexible material that has a rubber surface and a reducible edge. When it is folded up, slits in the brim allow it to expand into a net.

Netopee was designed for people in regions where it is a custom to carry goods on one's head, and where protection from the sun is required.

The edge of Netopee is made with a deformable and relatively hard material that stretches the rubber and keeps the net in tension. This also helps Netopee to keep its shape when it is used as a hat. The deformable edge also has the function of frapping (binding) the placket of the net when the Netopee is used as a basket.