border wall as architecture 

Type:Competition (Graduate student research, CED, U.C.BERKELEY, 2014 SPRING-summer) Date:2014.4-2014.8
Location: U.S./Mexico
Status: 1st Prize
Partner: Prof. Ronald rafael 

Given the $150 billion dedicated to infrastructure–the largest investment in public works in the United States since the 1950s–designers were asked to envision a new legacy of publicly-supported infrastructure, projects that explore the value of infrastructure not only as an engineering endeavor but as a robust design opportunity to strengthen communities and revitalize cities. Nearly two hundred teams from 13 countries and 25 US states entered the professional competition. The six final proposals represent some of today’s most progressive plans for transforming existing urban infrastructure with an emphasis on better public spaces, more conscientious energy and water use, and turning detriments into resources.

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BORDER WALL AS Floating Curtain

Border wall as Green house

Border wall as library

border wall as trail

images below reserved by Ronald Rafael

border wall as...