Location: San Pablo Bay,CA,U.S.
Date: 2013 FALL-2014 SPRING 
Status: Published
Inspired by nature’s principles of efficiency, architects are establishing emerging material technologies through pioneering collaborations with scientists which comprise unforeseen scales of investigation.
— Studio One

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1. Choosing Sand dollar as the study object.

we focused our research in how the organism would adapt and contribute to the natural environment around San Pablo Bay.


2. Simulation of geometry from organisim.  

I propose a wall system that is able to transform in response to tidal fluctuations and water flow. By taking advantage of the transforming shape and filtration skin of the wall, both goals of capturing sediments and detoxifying water can be achieved.                                                     


3. Material studies   

The intertidal mudflat area of San Pablo Bay changed in response to sediment delivery and deposition decreases. These mudflats will continue to diminish unless sediment is stabilized and erosion is mitigated.

Sand dollars inhabit these shallow mudflats, and they have developed a unique grain related spinal structure that allows them to maintain their position in the mud despite relentless currents moving water and sediment all around them. In order to stabilize mudflat zones and both decontaminate and convey water from the bay to inland agricultural areas


4. 3D printing as the way of studying on geometry transforming   

During the Studio, 3D printing with Plastic Material is an important method to do the research. First, 3D Prints are a visualization of the fabrication and reality checking for the organism. More improtantly, Inspired by the special pattern fabricated by the 3D printer,  new ideas about the structure and tectonic would come out, creating more possibilties.


5. Argricultural Production Infrastructure Project Design

Tube as typology  integrated plant factory, office, water center and transportation channel into one continuous tube infrastructure.


6. Distributed water pumping programmed with natural forces

Mechanic of distributed pump.


7. Plant Factory driven by solar power

8. 3D interactive model of Office Section

For more detail of 3D interactive model, go to Modelo