TYPE: Competition
Location: Lima, Peru
Date: 2012.3 -2012.4
Partner: Hao Ruan, Devin, Vedrana
Status: Published

“Writhing Tower, a designed “Sky Condominium ” for one of the most beautiful residential zones in Lima, is a global architectural competition initiated by ARQUIA, an international development firm interested in comissioning architecture as art.”

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1. Each unit is rotated 45 degrees to create a cruciform shape in plan and the appearance of a linear hinged volume. The enables each unit to have uninterrupted views to both the public park in front of the site, and the ocean to the rear of the site. 

                                                                                          Form Syntax Axonometric

2. One duplex consists of two floors, with a open balcony and swimming pool, offered by the twisted boxes. as for the arrangement of the balcony, the swimming pool would be oriented to facing to the central park and the garden would be the filter of the eyesight from the neighbourhood buildings

                                                                                                  Plan Drawings

3. Since the condo is constructed in  frame system, with the duplex as a standard modular  unit in the building, ready made components is playing an important role in the structure.

                                  Craft Model  1:100


As we can see from the relationship between the neighboured duplexes, the core would be located in the center of the duplexes, surrounded by other rooms, which act as not only the center of circulation, but also the center of space for the daily behaviors. besides, bedrooms are arranged in the north part while other rooms are facing the south, which follows the rule of sunlight in the southern hemisphere.

                        Tectonic and Structure Diagram


The unique structure design. taking the elevator groups as the center of the core for the spaces, circulation and structure frame, the structure system would be designed with the twisting of duplexes. the system, generally consists of the main beams  and secondary beams, suspended by the main columns and secondary columns.